Friday, March 18, 2011


the doctor's appointment went okay, I guess...

Firstly, my wait in the waiting room was almost an hour... good thing I brought a book to read. I never seen so many pregnant people in one room before. I been to OBGYN many many times, and never had I seen THAT many pregnant women. Pregnant check-in receptionist, pregnant patients, pregnant nurses.. UGH! I have to admit I was so annoyed because I want to be one of them so bad! I overheard one pregnant lady, as she was being called in, complaining about her pregnancy, as she waddled back with the nurse. I wanted to yell, you don't know how lucky you are!

Dr. L met with me and went over the results. My right tube is completely blocked, and my left is blocked half-way. He suggest doing a lap and hysteroscopy, so he can see whats really going on. This procedure won't happen for a couple of months, because A.) he is booked, and B.) I haven't accumulated enough sick time at my new job yet. So any hopes/chances of me having a 2011 baby are gone. This procedure will determine if I stay with him, or if infertility specialist is my only option, which means if IVF is my only option, then I have no options. Because I know that's not something we are able to afford.

I'm not sure what to think or feel. I just feel numb right now.

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  1. im so sorry.
    i am not trying to sound like the girl that says " i have a friend that knows someone" ordeal.

    But, one of my VERY best friends had the same scenario & her one tube wasnt fully block, but & did the lap with dye that helped her!

    wishing the best for you.

    praying for strength for you.