Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Well..... Yet another blow.....

The good news:

I guess.... is that it didn't hurt. The only thing that was uncomfortable was the speculum and the hard flat table I was laying on.

The bad news:

The test showed that both tubes are blocked. The smallest part of me feels relief, because at least I know why we haven't been so successful. The rest of me is terrified and heartbroken because I don't know what this means?

From the moment I made it to my car, I just balled. I can't stop. Now I am at work just trying to keep it together.

I assume everything went well and done correctly. I just can't believe this is happening. Does this mean IVF is my only option? Does this mean I have to have surgery? I just feel like I am being punished. Will I ever get a freakin' break?

My follow up appointment is Next Friday on the 18th. I will find out what the next step is then.

I just want to go home, get in the bed, and cry myself to sleep.


  1. :hugs: I'm sorry. I know that's not the news you wanted. But at least you KNOW know, and knowing is half the battle. When I was Dx'd with PCOS, I thought "OK. Now I know what to fight." I hope you have a good appt on the 18th and the doc gives you some good options. <3

  2. Hey Em.. Angela @ Trying to Believe shared you with me today. I want to give a huge ((HUG)) and remind you that you aren't alone. We're all out here.

    Once your mind has settled, call back and find out your options. You can also look for an Avrigo Masseuse in your area. It's a massage that supposedly loosens blockages in your "baby making areas" and they teach you to do it yourself so it doesn't have to be an ongoing money drain. I'm trying that first with my one lonely tube.

    I'll be following you too now and praying for your success.


  3. Oh I am so sorry. I hope you get your anwsers soon and get a plan. I am hoping for the best you can get!

  4. So sorry to hear that you were left without any answers after your test and need to wait until next week. I'm no expert, but (coming from someone with unexplained IF) I think that it's sometimes better to know exactly what the problem is so that it can be fixed... then your chances are higher :)) I'd imagine IVF or surgery would be options... hope you get answers next week. Thinking of you xoxo